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Our Story

The Red Caboose and the Perfect Cup of Coffee

     It was 1965, and I was six years old when my Grandfather worked for the Illinois Central Railroad out of McComb, Mississippi. I immediately fell in love with the quaint, red caboose at the end of the train. When they stopped using it in the 1980s, I was heartbroken. After that, I moved on to a new love, coffee. Still, somehow, that red caboose never left my thoughts.


     In 2007, along with my daughter, I opened my first coffee shop. In memory of that quaint caboose, we called it Coffee Caboose Gourmet Coffee Shop. The day we closed, I was even more determined to find that perfect cup of coffee and bring the caboose I loved so much back to life. 


     Now, fourteen years later, it is time to share our cup of perfection with the world. Dusting off the old caboose is just beginning. Coffee Caboose Roasters prides itself in using only the best quality green coffee beans, making sure to use Fair Trade and Organic whenever possible. Without a doubt, our top picks are Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, and Colombian. Each of these is available for purchase in whole bean or ground. So please, allow us to not only share our love for coffee with you but also give us a chance to bring back a touch of Mississippi history. We look forward to your business.

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